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What Enjoyers Are Saying

β€œFinally I have something to catch up with the NBA that isn't centered around postgame comments of players taken out of context. It's difficult to watch every game in Europe, this has been a refreshing and positive way to keep up with everything NBA. Thanks guys!”

Alex-SamuelEnjoyer from Germany

β€œThe newsletter has been a game changer! I rely on it to update me on everything going on in the NBA. When I miss a key game I don't sweat because I know Enjoy Basketball has me covered.”

TheoTrail Blazers Fan

β€œMy favourite part of the newsletter has got to be the little words of encouragement at the end. It’s the little things in life that really make a difference and those small reminders are often the ones that help put things into perspective!”

AymenDay 1 Enjoyer, 100% Openers Club

β€œThe newsletter is so refreshing! I love to see the NBA talked about in such a positive light. Seeing players and coaches put down almost made me stop following basketball news completely. I'm very glad that this newsletter exists!”

BrekkonHigh School English Teacher

β€œI always read the newsletter on the way to school! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

WillPelicans Fan

β€œAbsolute legends! Thank you for making each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning more enjoyable.”

AlejandroEnjoyer from Argentina