🏀 Embiid + Jokic = Thriller

Plus, this player is smashing rebounding records


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Today’s Lineup

⚔️ MVP on MVP Crime
There was a thriller in Philly as Embiid and Jokic did battle…

⏱️ KD is Inevitable
The Slim Reaper pulled a win out of thin air…

💪 Beyond the Box Score
This player is setting rebounding records left and right…

Last Night’s Action

Embiid dominates fourth, Sixers take down Nuggets 126-121

We know it's way too early to say but... we NEED a seven game series between these teams.

What started as a track meet in the first half quickly mired into a defensive slugfest as time ticked away. But when Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic checked back in for the final time all tied up in the fourth, it was the reigning MVP who stepped up and took over. Joel poured in jumper after jumper down the stretch, the Sixers (26-13) reportedly forced turnovers, and Nic Batum put a bow on things with an emphatic block late.

Could you say it was a win for Joel in the never ending big-man debate? Absolutely. But Joker still held his own, even on a night when his playmaking didn't have that usual zip. Jokic dominated on the glass, grabbing a career-high 11 offensive rebounds for the Nuggets. (26-14)

🏀 🏀 🏀

Paul George goes crazy, Clippers stave off Thunder 128-117

Arguably the two hottest teams in the West, the Clippers (26-14) and Thunder (27-13) rolled up to the Crypt and gave us a heaping serving of excellent back-and-forth basketball. LA lead most of the way, but OKC kept it close throughout thanks to some hot shooting, plus some nice buckets by Jalen Williams. Then Paul George transcended this plane of existence and channeled the basketball gods, dropping 28 of his 38 points in the second half, including a Super Saiyan run to close it (with a little help from Kawhi.)

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🏀 🏀 🏀

KD leads wild comeback, Suns beat Kings 119-117

De’Aaron Fox led the way for the Kings with 33, but it was Malik Monk who impressed us the most with this sweet spin-cycle and-one, helping the Kings (23-17) secure an 18-point lead with less than 8 minutes left. Now, time to light the be—WAIT… we’re getting word that Kevin Durant has taken a sledgehammer to the beam. Okay, maybe not literally, but in a game that the Suns (22-18) looked well and truly out of, KD went on a 12-3 run by himself in the final three minutes, even drawing the game-winning foul with less than two seconds remaining. Slim Reaper still got it.

Monday Night Notes

  • We know about hoodie Melo and facemask LeBron, but what about longsleeve Kyrie? The eight-time All-Star blessed us with 42-7-7 to lead the shorthanded Mavericks over the Pelicans.

  • Darvin Ham and the Lakers tried out a new starting five against the Thunder and it paid off big time. LA secured its biggest win of the season… and an AD poster.

  • Vince Williams Jr. is probably the only guy on the planet who has fun guarding Steph Curry. He and fellow youngster GG Jackson each dropped 20+ to deliver the injured Grizzlies (15-25) a surprise W against Golden State (18-22).

  • Detroit fans, breathe a sigh of relief: Jaden Ivey is getting minutes again. 2022’s fourth overall pick dropped 24-7-6 and Jalen Duren nearly had a 20-20 game to help the Pistons (4-36) snag a win(!) in Washington.

  • And, of course, we have to cap it off with the logic-defying Wemby highlight of the night. He dropped 26, all in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to complete the comeback against the Hawks.

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Beyond the Box Score

From 5-14 to start the season to 14-9 over the past two months, we already talked about the Bulls’ underappreciated turnaround in our Coby White segment last week. But another player in the Windy City is having a career resurgence, too…

Andre Drummond has always been a world-class rebounder, but his work on the boards this season is starting to enter rare air territory. Over seven games, while starting in place of the injured Nikola Vucevic, the DrumGod racked up a stunning 122 rebounds in just 194 minutes, becoming the only player with 120+ rebounds in a 200-minute stretch. Ever. Drummond is also making a case for the most efficient offensive rebounding season of all time— he’s on pace to shatter Dennis Rodman’s record for the highest offensive rebound percentage in a single season. So next time you catch the Bulls on League Pass, take some time and focus on #3 down low, because he’s on an incredible rebounding run.

🧠 Daily Trivia 🧠 

Who is the shortest player to ever lead the league in rebounding?

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Three in the Key

🥹 GG Meets his Idol
The Grizzlies rookie gives us an all-time wholesome moment

 🧱 Another Brick in the Wall
The Clippers new fan-only section looks absolutely insane

🤔 Siakam in Indy?
The Pacers are in trade talks with the Raptors for the star forward

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