Out Of Bounds, Vol. 28

AD's car collection & IQ's farewell.

Can you fit in a normal sized car? Could Austin Reaves? What about Anthony Davis?

Apparently, the answer to that last question is a resounding yes, but we’ll get into that in a sec. For now, welcome back to Out Of Bounds!

Today’s Lineup

🚗 Anthony Davis’ Insane Car Collection
There’s more to the Lakers big man than meets the eye…

😢 Quickley Officially Says Goodbye to New York
Read IQ’s beautifully-written love letter to the city that drafted him.

🔑 Marcus Morris Receives Key to the City of Philadelphia
The Philly native’s Family Over Everything Foundation is SO special!

🚗 Anthony Davis’ insane car collection

Anthony Davis is a perennial All-Star, NBA champion, and unibrow enthusiast, but did you know he’s also a car savant?

His collection includes a Mercedes-Benz GLS Class and a Maybach S Class (yeah, like Rick Ross’ record label). The Lakers star also takes pride in two Porsches: a Panamera and a 911 Carrera GTS. Our conspiracy theory is that he bought this Ferrari California model as an elaborate way to request a trade to the Lakers… 🤔

The Ferrari California (did AD buy this before getting traded to LA?)

The crown jewels of his luxury fleet are a Bentley Continental GT Convertible and a Rolls-Royce Wraith, valued together at about $600,000. Overall, ClutchPoints values Davis' collection at a stunning $1.4 million. Still, it remains a mystery to us how a 7-foot Anthony Davis fits into any of these boujee cars 😂 

The Rolls-Royce Wraith.

😢 Quickley bids farewell to NYC

Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett were drafted by the Knicks and grew into their own in New York, so it was a real shock when they were traded to Toronto. Yes, it’s all a business, but getting traded is a fairly jarring upheaval of your routine, support group, and home. IQ authored a beautifully-written love letter to the city that drafted him, developed him, and ultimately traded him shortly after he was dealt to the Raptors. Read it here: ⬇️

🔑 Marcus Morris receives Key to Philly

On Thursday morning, Marcus Morris Sr received the key to the city of Philadelphia in a ceremony that was WAY bigger than basketball. This honor recognized his generous philanthropic contributions to his hometown community!

Morris, who grew up in North Philly, co-founded the Family Over Everything Foundation with his twin Markieff and fellow Kansas hooper Thomas Robinson. The foundation supports single-parent families and underprivileged communities through programs that address their unique challenges and needs.

We especially loved that ALL of Morris’ 76ers teammates attended the event to support their guy, even though he only joined to the roster a few months ago. Perhaps the only thing we Enjoy more than basketball is philanthropy and genuine love, and Marcus Morris has been doing just that for Philly. 🐐 

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