Out of Bounds, Vol. 30

The NBA's Super Bowl picks and Giannis' brotherly love.

The Big Game is finally here!

That’s right, the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks square off tonight in the most important sports event of the night! But we suppose some of you also Enjoy Football, so if you must take a night off of basketball then we guess that’s okay…

Today’s Lineup

🏈 Super Bowl Picks!
Some stars made their predictions for the big game.

👟 Giannis’ Heartwarming Kicks
They pay tribute to Thanasis’ brotherly support

😕 The Sad, Snazzy Departure of Tre Mann
His fits are great, but his team chemistry in OKC was greater

🏈 The NBA’s Super Bowl Picks

The NBA asked eight stars who they were picking for today’s Super Bowl, and it was an even split! The 49ers believers included Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Paul George, and Rudy Gobert. Meanwhile, the Chiefs were picked by Donovan Mitchell, Karl-Anthony Towns, Dejounte Murray and Kawhi Leonard.

“The Chiefs, but I just want to see a good game. I like to see people be great. So I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the 49ers’ guys get it either.”

Kawhi Leonard

We love to see Kawhi echoing our Enjoy Basketball ethos, and we encourage all of you to Enjoy Football, Enjoy Commercials, and Enjoy Tradition! 🏈 

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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👟 Giannis’ Heartwarming Kicks

At next week's All-Star Game, Giannis Antetokounmpo will lace up some super special kicks. The Greek Freak 🇬🇷 dedicated his new colorway of the Zoom Freak 5s to his brother Thanasis.

The ankle of the shoe reads “Thanasis, thanks for sharing”, which refers to how Thanasis would lend his shoes to Giannis when they were growing up in Greece. While the heel of the right shoe has Giannis’ #34, the back of the left one has Thanasis’ #43.

As much as NBA fans love to clown Thanasis for doing admittedly goofy things on the court, he is a terrific older brother. Giannis wouldn’t be the superstar that he is without the support of his big bro, whether on the streets of Athens or the locker room in Milwaukee. We’d all be lucky to have an older sibling as supportive as Thanasis, or a younger sibling as humble as Giannis!

😕 The Sad, Snazzy Departure of Tre Mann

Tre Mann, your favorite player’s favorite player, was traded away from the OKC Thunder at this year’s trade deadline. And while a young guy who was getting fringe minutes switching teams usually wouldn’t be a big deal, this one was TRAGIC because Mann’s chemistry with the Thunder was top-notch. 

Part of the reason OKC has been so fun to watch this season is because it’s abundantly clear these guys LOVE playing (and messing) with each other. Mann was clearly a part of this—yesterday he posted individual stories of him with every single teammate. 💔 

Thankfully, Mann will surely get more playing time at his new home in Charlotte. He’s already one of the best dressed hoopers in the league (see aura above), but imagine what he’ll look like when LaMelo puts a $50,000 chain on him… 😆 

Signing Off

Just like Steph last night, we’re getting it in juuuust before the buzzer. We loved talking football, fraternity, and fits with y’all today and we’ll be back again tomorrow!✌️

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