🏀 Denver & Miami Are On The Doorstep

Plus, in memory of all the eliminated teams...

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On the basketball court, we saw a Canadian guard continue to gouge a defense, and the surprise team of the NBA Playoffs? Well, they just. Keep. Winning. Can we even call it a surprise anymore? Maybe not! Let’s break it all down.

Today’s Lineup

Denver One Win Away: Murray & Co. enter the Crypt and leave with 3-0 lead ⛰️

Heat Decimate Celtics: Miami gets 29 from Vincent, takes command of ECF 🔥

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Paying tribute to all the eliminated playoff teams🙏

When was the last time both Conference Finals series went to 7 games?

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A First Half Murray Flurry Leads Denver To 3-0 Lead

We’re almost in June, but what Jamal Murray did in the first half on Saturday cannot merely be described as a flurry. His 30-point first half was a full-on blizzard and set the tone for Denver’s 119-108 win in LA that gave the Nuggets a 3-0 series lead against the Lakers. Nikola Jokic was “quiet” in the first half—mostly because he was letting Murray go to work— but stepped up in the clutch, scoring 15 in the fourth quarter. Simply put, Denver looks like the better team in this series. Everyone on Denver seems happy to play whatever role is necessary to win; Michael Porter Jr.’s career-high six assists is a perfect example of that. Denver is 48 minutes away from their first-ever NBA Finals.

South Beach Stomping

They say a hungry dog runs faster—implying that a team with its back against the wall will do anything to secure a win when they need it most. But on Sunday, Miami looked like the team that needed a win—and they were already up 2-0! The Heat were locked in from the tip—throwing alley-oops to Bam Adebayo, moving the ball to find open shooters, and flying around on defense. Gabe Vincent scored 29 points (6/9 3PT), Duncan Robinson scored 22 (5/7 3PT), and the Heat made sure they put this game—and perhaps the series—away early. Boston just couldn’t find their rhythm, and find themselves in a hole that no team has ever climbed out of.

A Tribute To The 12 Fallen Playoff Teams

What started as a 16-team race has dwindled to the final four. And though only one team will ultimately end up hoisting Larry ‘O (a trophy that is living its best life right now), that doesn’t mean every other team didn’t have some glorious games or prestigious performances. So let’s recount every eliminated team’s best moment of these playoffs.

Kings: We found out what 16 years of pent-up energy sounds like at Golden 1 Center last month—this also happened to be perhaps the best game of the playoffs

Nets: A Poster On The MVP. Brooklyn’s postseason ended quicker than they would have liked, but Cam Johnson will always have this vicious dunk over Joel Embiid

Cavaliers: DG Goes Nuclear: We’re confident the Cavs will be back in the coming years. In the meantime, Cleveland fans can enjoy remembering the time Darius Garland lost all consciousness and scored 26 in a half.

Knicks: Jalen Brunson. All-inclusive. What a beast.

Sixers: We understand, you probably don’t want to talk about it yet. But those two massive James Harden shots in Game 5 were still fun!

Bucks: It certainly wasn’t the postseason Milwaukee envisioned, but that Pat Connaughton game was fun!

Timberwolves: Anthony Edwards is a superstar. The future of the league is in good hands.

Warriors: Steph Curry has produced more stunning individual performances than most other athletes in the world. His Game 7 performance in round one was up there with the best of them.

Suns: We think Devin Booker is still getting buckets as we type this…he had more than a handful of transcendent performances in the playoffs, but his 20/25 scoring clinic stands out above the rest.

Grizzlies: Some key injuries definitely hampered Memphis’ chances of a real postseason run, but Ja Morant scoring 45 on basically one ankle was heroic, no matter the final result.

Hawks: This Hawks team may not be as far away from really competing as many folks may think. Trae Young remains an elite playoff performer, and Dejounte Murray had some great individual games, too. A big offseason looms—but hope is not all lost in the A.

Clippers: News of Russell Westbrook’s demise was premature. Brodie showed he still has plenty left in the tank with a few signature performances. A true Enjoyer of basketball, if there ever was one.

Frozen Moments

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Signing Off

And we’re out of here! It’s getting hot out there folks, so wear your sunscreen (and you better reapply every few hours 🫵), always hydrate as much as possible, and remember to let yourself make mistakes. We’re all human, and we’re all trying our best. Talk soon.

Trivia Answer: The last time we saw both conference finals go the distance? 2017-18, when Golden State beat Houston out West, and Cleveland topped Boston in the East.

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