🏀 Denver's Duo is Breaking Records

Plus, a legendary PG on the move?

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Hey, you made it to the end of the week! We knew you would, because Enjoyers are like that. We know it’s only been a few days since we talked, but we have a whole lot to fill you in on—we witnessed some Finals history AND got some news regarding a future Hall of Famer. Now we have another Finals game tonight and a weekend full of WNBA ball? It just doesn’t stop! And we don’t want it to. Let’s break it all down!

“Bring it on", says Bobi

Today’s Lineup

(30+10+10)×2: Jokic and Murray make history in Denver’s Game 3 win.

Around the W with Crina: Taking a look at tonight’s five-game WNBA slate!

CP3’s Unclear Future: The Suns will “explore options” regarding the HOF PG…

But first, a little trivia:

When was the last time the Finals MVP was NOT the winning team's top scorer in the series? HINT: 🌎🔫👽

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Shooting Stars

Come with us on an inspiring journey through NBA brotherhoods that include some of the league’s top Shooting Stars, just like the latest Peacock Original film inspired by LeBron James and his high school teammates! From the court to the big screen, these duos prove that when friendship and talent align, the sky's the limit.

5. Jalen Brunson & Josh Hart: This brotherhood goes all the way back to their Villanova days, showcasing their chemistry with slick passes and infectious energy. This duo reminds us that the best brotherhoods are built on trust and shared success (and chicken wings).

4. Kerr & Popovich: Coach Kerr and Pop bring a blend of wisdom, humor, and mutual respect to the NBA sidelines. These masterminds of basketball strategize together, sharing their passion for the game while leaving us in awe of their unparalleled coaching brotherhood.

3. Steph & Klay: These sharpshooters redefine long-distance brotherhood with their out of this world three-point shooting, jaw-dropping highlights, and infectious camaraderie that always leaves us wanting more.

2. Kobe & Pau: This dynamic duo brought the Lakers to new heights with their electrifying brotherhood. Their connection was like a symphony, with Kobe's fierce determination harmonizing perfectly with Pau's graceful finesse, creating basketball poetry.

1. D-Wade & LeBron: “The Banana Boat Boys” redefine friendship goals both on and off the court. From their epic Miami Heat days to conquering Cleveland, these two NBA icons share an unbreakable bond that makes us all want to join their crew.

NBA Finals: A Tale of Two Hoopers

Jokic and Murray help Nuggets run away with 109-94 Game 3 win (Box Score)

You know what’s weird? At halftime, this looked like a game that would inevitably wind up on Hardwood Classics 20 years from now. The defense was spectacular, the Miami crowd was electric, and the stars came to play. Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Jamal Murray, and Nikola Jokic combined for 61 first half points, trading blow after blow in a slugfest for the ages.

But it ended up being Christian Braun, of all people, who truly blew this game wide open. With all the defensive attention on Denver’s two stars, Miami had no answer for Braun’s explosive cuts in the third quarter, helping the Nuggets open up a 19-point lead. When you’re attacking Jimmy Buckets at the basket with no fear, you might be Him.

And not only did Jokic (32 PTS, 21 REB, 10 AST) and Murray (34 PTS, 10 REB, 10 AST) not slow down after their hot start, they played their way right into the NBA record books. A 30 point triple-double is impressive enough, but how about two of them in the same game for the first time ever? History. Made.

The Heat will get the chance to even the series on Friday, but will they be able to withstand this ridiculous Denver attack? Let us know below:

Finals Game 4: Who you got?

Drop a comment with your reasoning!

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Around the W With Crina

Another WNBA Friday on ionTV! Let’s go around the W!

New York Liberty vs. Atlanta Dream

After a smoky day in New York that forced the postponement of their game against the Lynx, the Liberty will travel to Atlanta to face the Dream. It’s been a hectic week for the Liberty, as they blew a 19-point lead to the Sky on Sunday and are looking to get back on track amid the cloudy chaos. Meanwhile, the Dream are coming off of a very close loss to the Las Vegas Aces and will have some confidence in the tank for sure.

The Dream are dealing with a couple of injuries, the most recent one being Aari McDonald, who tore her labrum and is expected to return in 3-4 weeks. Rookie Haley Jones had a solid performance just two games ago against the Sky, so we’ll see if she can get some extra minutes against the Liberty. The New York Liberty will face the Atlanta Dream at 7:30 pm ET on ionTV.

Indiana Fever vs. Minnesota Lynx

Both the Fever and the Lynx are hoping to get their second win of the season tonight after disappointing starts to their seasons. If you’re looking for a team that has done a great job with storytelling and putting in the work content-wise, then the Indiana Fever are a great team to follow on social media. At the forefront of that marketing is Aliyah Boston, their top draft pick. The Indiana Fever will face the Minnesota Lynx at 8 pm ET on ionTV.

Phoenix Mercury vs. Dallas Wings

The Mercury came up short against the Wings a couple of nights ago, but the good news is that they get to try again. Brittney Griner has looked great to start the season, averaging 22.4 PPG and 7.8 RPG while shooting 64.5% from the field. She’ll lead the Mercury against the Wings after yet another massive game from Satou Sabally. Sabally has been the best and most important player for the Wings this season, meeting a ton of physicality in their previous matchup. The Phoenix Mercury will face the Dallas Wings at 8 pm ET on ionTV.

To end the night, we have two games at 10 pm ET on WNBA League Pass. But instead of guessing who’ll win, let’s predict who’ll show up in the best fits!

Chicago Sky vs. Los Angeles Sparks

(via Chicago Sky, LA Sparks)

Who will win the battle of the fits?

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Washington Mystics vs. Seattle Storm

(via Washington Mystics, Seattle Storm)

Who will win the battle of the fits?

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Where in the world is Chris Paul?

Chris Paul is stuck in the basketball twilight zone.

According to reports, the Point God is expected to be waived ahead of the June 28th deadline. Seems pretty straightforward, right? It’s not as simple as it seems.

First off, let’s start with the why, because CP3 is still an effective NBA guard and one of the best playmakers in the league. It’s Paul’s injury history and $30+ million contract, combined with the new CBA rules, that makes his presence on the roster a hinderance for a Suns team desperate for more depth around Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

There are a few ways that this could play out. Phoenix could waive Paul and try to re-sign him, but they could only offer about $3 million, meaning they would probably be outbid by a team like Chicago or Los Angeles who needs a PG. Or, the Suns could look to trade Paul in the next few weeks. The only problem there is that they would have to bring in about as much salary as they’re sending out, which doesn’t help their depth/money problems.

All that leads to the most likely option: Phoenix waives Paul and sets him free into the vast expanses of free agency. By doing this, Phoenix would duck under the luxury tax, giving them access to the $12 million non-taxpayer MLE as well as the $4.5 million bi-annual exception. But for now, Chris Paul is in limbo.

Where do you want to see Chris Paul play next?

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Frozen Moments

What We’re Enjoying

Vice ABANDONED: There’s just something about abandoned buildings, towns, and amusement parks that seems to intrigue all of us. And if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s a deep-seated desire to run around an abandoned Six Flags. Never fear! Vice has been posting full episodes of their old show Abandoned on YouTube, where the hosts do just that. The show does a great job of examining how exactly these places became abandoned—this episode explores the once-crowded Route 66.

Signing Off

And that’s our time, y’all!

Trivia Answer: The last time a FMVP wasn’t the winning team’s leading scorer? It was in 2015, when Andre Iguodala won it averaging just 7.8 PPG. But when the Martians had the death beam pointed at Earth…

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