🏀 Scary hours in Milwaukee

Plus, breaking down the Bulls breakout star


Some days in the NBA are instant classics that we’ll remember forever… and some days have five total games that are decided by a combined 125 points. If we tell you which kind of day yesterday was, do you promise to keep reading?

Today’s Lineup

🔥 The East’s Finest
Boston and Milwaukee battle for conference supremacy. It wasn’t pretty.

😔 So Close, Yet So Far
The Knicks can’t quite complete a heroic comeback against Dallas.

🎥 Film Friday
Breaking down the Bulls surprise breakout star…

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Last Night’s Action

Mavericks narrowly avoid disaster, beat Knicks 128-124

On a dark, cold night full of blowouts, the Knicks (22-16) clawed back to give us at least a few minutes of meaningful late-game hoops, even if they didn’t end up with a W. Down 19 with just over seven minutes remaining, a flurry of buckets capped off by this Donte DiVincenzo three brought them to within one before the Luka-less Mavericks (23-16) awoke from their cozy 4th quarter nap for an offensive rebounding clinic to ice the game.

🏀 🏀 🏀

Bucks make serious statement in 135-102 crushing of Celtics

Seeing an entire half of garbage time is rare, but seeing it in a matchup between the two best teams in the East is insane. Let’s put it this way: Khris Middleton hit more threes than all the Celtics (29-9) starters combined (one). Giannis was making guys slip on his way to 24 & 12, and Bobby “Buckets” Portis (28 PTS, 12 REB) embodied the spirit of prime MJ (don’t ask us how that happened).

🏀 🏀 🏀

Cavs clamp down Nets to win 111-102 in Paris

During the highest scoring season in NBA history, it’s pretty funny that the one game played in Paris happened to be a throwback gritty defensive duel. The Cavs (22-15) held the Nets (16-22) to just 34 points in the first half thanks to some elite clamps from Jarrett Allen (12 REB, 6 STOCKS) and #45 Donovan Mitchell (45 PTS) matched his jersey number with his points to lead the way.

🏀 🏀 🏀

Thunder eviscerate Blazers 139-77 in near-record blowout

You win some, you lose some… by the fifth-largest margin in NBA history. There’s no other way to put it, this Thunder (26-11) win over the Blazers (10-27) was an all-time blowout. SGA (31 PTS) needed just 21 minutes to get his 30-piece, Josh Giddey took only 23 to record an insanely fast triple-double, and Chet Holmgren was doing… whatever this is.

🏀 🏀 🏀

Suns get much-needed 127-109 win over Lakers

Two desperate Western Conference playoff hopefuls entered, but only one left with a W… Hey, this whole Suns (20-18) Big 3 thing actually works pretty well when everyone’s healthy, huh? Bradley Beal (37 PTS, 8 3PT) was ridiculously deep in his bag while Devin Booker (31 PTS) and Kevin Durant (18 PTS) backed him up for a comfortable W over the Lakers (19-20).

Wednesday Night Notes

Overtime games, statement wins, and a brush with NBA history were all in the cards on Wednesday. Take a look at the box scores here.

  • We’re not saying we called the Jalen Johnson breakout, but we totally called it. The Hawks' (15-21) rising star dropped 25/16/7 to lift Atlanta to an OT win over the Sixers (23-13).

  • Please put some respect on the Jazz (19-20)! Utah has quietly won 9 of their last 11, most recently an emphatic 124-111 takedown of the defending champion Nuggets (26-13) on Wednesday.

  • Jayson Tatum, you are a baaddd man. It might as well have been the All-Star Game for last year’s ASG MVP, because he was getting buckets at will, dropping 43 in the Celtics (29-8) 127-120 OT win over the Timberwolves (26-11).

  • And finally, Wemby nearly made NBA history in the Spurs (6-30) easy 130-108 win over the Pistons (3-35). He dropped a triple-double in just 21 minutes, one of the quickest ever. You could make a trivia question out of that…

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Film Friday

Since Nov. 19th, Coby White has averaged over 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists for Chicago on efficient 48-44-84 splits. How has the fifth-year guard elevated his game seemingly overnight?

Firstly, the North Carolina grad is a more poised playmaker than ever before, making defenses respect him as more than just a shooter. This pick-and-roll with Nikola Vucevic against the Thunder serves as a perfect example. Rather than charge full-steam-ahead, White takes his time, uses elite change of pace to get half a step, and waits ‘till the last possible moment to wrap the pass into Vuc, giving Chet Holmgren no time to contest.

Speaking of pace— White finally seems to have mastered the art of changing gears to get to the basket. Moves like this start-stop-start motion have helped him become a well-rounded offensive player. His improvements as a playmaker have accentuated his best attribute: lethal long-range shooting. Since defenses now have to worry about other aspects of his game, White is taking advantage of the extra space to rain down threes, like this filthy stepback over Brook Lopez. Next time you watch the Bulls, notice how much #0 is hooping!

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