🏀 Steph vs. Sabrina DELIVERED!

Plus, Mac goes back to back.

Even if you weren’t in Indy this weekend, you’re still an All-Star to us. ❤️

Today’s Lineup

⭐ Steph vs. Sabrina highlights All-Star weekend
Curry just barely beat Ionescu in the star-studded shootout.

🤯 Back to Back Mac!
Mac McClung delivered (once again) in the Slam Dunk contest.

😴 Unsung Heroes
Hey you! The G League deserves your attention!

Steph and Sabrina’s Shoot-out

Brand new All-Star Weekend events are always a toss-up—you never really know how they’ll play out. But as soon as the three-point contest between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu started on Saturday night, it was clear this was going to be a massive hit.

Sabrina shot first, finishing with a score of 26 that would have tied the top score from the Three-Point Contest that happened just minutes beforehand. Unfortunately for her, she was shooting against Steph Curry, who eked out a win with a score of 29.

Mac Goes Back to Back

Pulling off a unique dunk in 2024 is truly hard to do, but Mac McClung—the now two-time defending Slam Dunk champion—did that on Saturday night. McClung was a deserving champion, and we’re going to assume he’ll be gunning for a three-peat next year.

Dame Time Keeps Ticking

But Mac wasn’t alone! Damian Lillard also went back-to-back, banging out 26 points in the final round of the Three-Point Contest to beat out Karl-Anthony Towns and Trae Young, who both put up 24. The Bucks’ star might be donning a different jersey from last season, but the shot is as pure as ever.

🧠 Daily Trivia 🧠 

Who was the first NBA player to win multiple dunk contests?

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Unsung Heroes: The NBA G League

Today’s Unsung Hero isn’t one specific player—it’s the G League as a whole! Though it obviously doesn’t get the attention of the NBA, there’s some high quality ball being played in the G and a lot of that was on display this weekend in Indy.

Of course, Mac McClung (23.7 PTS, 39.3% 3PT) showed out once again in the dunk contest, but Trevelin Queen (23.9 PTS, 7.7 REB) put it on for the Osceola Magic as well by winning G League Up Next MVP.

But plenty of other G League hoopers had great weekends too, including 2024 draft prospect Matas Buzelis burying a game-winner in one of the Rising Stars games and Alondes Williams introducing himself to the hoops world in a huge way. There are electric moments and fun players galore in the G League, and you’re missing out if you’re not paying attention!

All-Star Game Recap

Another year, another ASG in the books. This year’s version delivered on everything we’ve come to expect from the annual showcase: half-court shots, thunderous dunks, and lockdown defense.

Okay, we made up that last one to see if you were paying attention. We’re guessing you passed.

The Eastern Conference won 211-186 and Damian Lillard (39 PTS) captured ASG MVP in front of the Indianapolis crowd. And shout-out to Karl-Anthony Towns, who put up 50 (!!!) points despite the Western Conference’s L.

Three in the Key

😮‍💨 Mother knows best!
In this case, mother hoops best

👩‍🚀 Jacob Toppin popped off…
We’ll be honest. That’s a 50.

🤯 Ben Mathurin, we salute you.
Passion for the game never stops!

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We have a couple days off until the NBA returns, so if you’re looking for something to do, we suggest trying a new board game! There are so many great ones out there, and there’s no better feeling than mastering a new game. Talk soon!

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